About Us

Peruvian Flooring S.A.C.

We are a company dedicated to the production and distribution of hardwood floors, it say tongue and groove with a finish of UV (ultra violet). We consist mainly of Peruvian and Chinese investors, inaugurated on December , 2013 . The opening of the company in Peru helped reduce the cost of manufacturing and other logistics, thanks to the raw material of so many different wood species being so closely available in Peru’s Amazon Rainforest.
The process of Peruvian Flooring S.A.C. ensures the quality of our final product through strict controls of sanding, tongue, grove, and a UV finishing. With a well-trained personnel at work, for both the international market as well as the national market here in Peru. We deeply and earnestly concern for the natural environment and its proper care, that´s why we have a FSC/CO (Forest Stewardship Council/Chain of Custody).
The process of the company has been redesigned to meet the conditions and standards of the FSC, this way helping forest preservation and development. Peruvian Flooring S.A.C. works with provider also certificate with the FSC and without certificate, always keeping a good commercial relationship with them to benefit both sides, this way we ensure a constant continuous flow of the raw material and of the product, certificated and non-certificated.